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Sheryl Eaglewoman

Welcome! This week we will be discussing Homeopathy. What the heck is Homeopathy, anyway? Homeopathy is a theory of healing based on the "Law of Similars". The "Law of Similars" states that the substance that creates a symptom will, after dilution and shaking (succussion), aid the body in removing same symptom. For instance, if you have poison ivy you can take a homeopathic remedy named Rhus toxicodendron to aid the body in ridding itself of the symptoms. Rhus toxicodendron is the Latin name for poison ivy. This healing modality was established by German physician, Samuel Hahnemann(1755-1843). I personally have used homeopathic remedies with success for decades. I have used them for a wide range of symptoms from illnesses and allergies to venomous bites; for aiding the birth process to aiding endurance athletes. Not only are homeopathic remedies extremely effective, they are relatively inexpensive, averaging under $10.00.

So how do they work? Through the dilution and succussion process, the imprint of the molecular structure is trapped in the water molecules so that you have a vibration or impulse delivered to the body, generally without any negative side effects. This creates a healing response in the body. For example, if you eat a brownie, it will make you salivate and eventually add to your hips and waistline, the side effect of eating the browning. Or, you can just smell the brownie. It will still make you salivate, however, without the side effect of weight gain.

True Classical Homeopaths will look at the whole person and decide on one remedy to stimulate the person or animals’ system to move towards balance and healing. Today, many homeopaths recommend two or more remedies at once. One can go to a Natural Foods store and find a wide selection of homeopathic remedies, blends of several remedies in one product formulated to cover as many symptom profiles as possible. The bottom line is to get the remedy with the "profile" picture as similar to yours’ as possible.

Next, you will choose a particular potency. This indicates how many times the remedy was diluted and in what measure. The more the remedy has been diluted, the "higher" the dilution, the deeper it will travel in the body. These remedies are generally used for chronic and constitutional conditions. The less diluted, the "lower" dilutions are generally applied to more acute symptoms. Remedy potencies are symbolized by X, C, and M. X for dilutions of 1 drop of the mother substance into 9 drops of water, C for dilutions of 1 drop of the mother substance into 99 drops and M for dilutions of 1 drop of the mother substance into 999 drops. The number on the label in front of this letter represents how many times the process was done. So a 6C would be diluted down 6 times, each time one drop being taken from the last dilution and added to 99 drops of water, then shaken. If you’re starting to think; "could something so dilute do anything?" Think of a smile. Something that is totally intangible, yet incredibly effective at creating a response.

To aid you in your success with using homeopathic remedies is a book called a materia medica, a book describing the remedies and the symptoms they address. Also available is a book referred to as a repertory, a book of symptoms with the remedies often used for that particular use. I use them as cross references to each other for a more thorough answer.

Some of the remedies I like to keep on hand and one symptom of the many they address are:

Arnica montana – muscle strain

Belladonna – sore throat

Apis mellifica – bee sting

Nux vomica – digestive upset

Hypericum perforatum– nerve pain

Lachesis – brown recluse bite

Crotalus horridus – rattlesnake bite

I urge you to take the time to further study this wonderful healing modality. I can not emphasize enough the number of cases of healing I have seen using this method. Support the body naturally as the body will naturally heal. Have a great week!

Question of the week: Is there a homeopathic remedy that is effective in reducing the pain associated with menstrual cramps?

Answer: YES! Drumroll please… The remedy, Cuprum metallicum, has shown to be extremely effective in reducing the pain associated with menstrual cramps. I generally recommend a 30C dilution. Cost around $6.00.

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